H264TS_Cutter is a program to cut and merge AVC / H.264 Transportstreams.

Screenshot H264TS_Cutter Features:
  • Cut (IDR-Frames) and
  • Merge AVC / H264-Transportstreams
  • PTS / DTS / PCR recalculation
  • synchronize Audio/Video delay on cut points
  • supports multiple audio tracks
  • PID-Filter
  • IDR-Frame automatic detection
  • Cut point preview
  • Batch-processing
  • Transportstreams with multiple services are supported, use the pid-filter and deselect the PIDs of the other services
  • Split function for output file


Current Release:
H264TS_Cutter V111 (209 KB)

Old Releases:

System requirement:
  • .Net 2.0 Framework
  • DirectX 9.c (August 2007 Release)
  • AVC / H264 DirectShow Decoder
  • TS-Splitter (Haali Media Splitter is recommended)


Version 111 (2008-01-14)
New Features:
  • M2TS as input file supported (h264 codec only)
  • TRP/REC 2 TS converter (use 'Tools' -> 'Convert TRP/REC -> TS').
    TRP files are for example used by Clarke-Tech HD 5000-C or Kathrein UFS910 and may be from other PVRs.
    REC file are used by Topfield Receiver
    This feature is not perfect yet because some media player (e.g. mplayer) detect the h264 stream as mpeg2 but for the most players it works fine (mpc, vlc, ...)
  • improved "drop usless freames"
Fixed items:
  • more HD channels are supported (e.g. HD Suisse, SVTHD, Digit ALB HD)
    use 'Setting' -> 'Advanced' -> set In to 'I-Frame' or 'All-Frame' and Output frame type to 'All-Frame'
  • (Vista) 64 bit problem fixed: the cutter should work on 64 bits systems, too

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Version 110 (2007-12-12)
New Features:
  • Some small improvements in the GUI
Fixed items:
  • PMT: System.ArgumentException
  • Drop Frames: System.ArgumentException
  • GetNextTSPaket(): System.IO.EndOfStreamException
  • PMT: System.ArgumentException: PMT TABLE ID != 2

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Version 109 (2007-11-21)
New Features:
  • Batch Mode: new button for multiple project file selection (with default output name)
  • Drop Frames: new option in settings menu to drop useless frames atfer cutin frame, e.g. B frames from previous GOP
  • Mouse-Wheel is supported
  • Video Playback function
Fixed items:
  • split function: if the splitsize was larger than 2000mb the cutter splitt the ouput file each 188byte
  • GUI: look-and-feel more like Cuttermaran

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Version 108 (2007-10-31)
New Features:
  • none
Fixed items:
  • Batch mode: another stupid bug. output file size was 0 byte
  • EndOfStreamException: if a cut point was on the last frame of the input ts
  • cut point: change a little the CutOut behavior and CutOutOnIDRFrames is now disable by default

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Version 107 (2007-10-27)
New Features:
  • split function for output ts-file (setting menu)
Fixed items:
  • PID-Filter: PMT streams were correctly detected
  • PTS/DTS recalculation: a few ts-packets were recalculated to much
  • Batch mode: didn't work if the project file has no pid list
  • GUI: some small changes

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Version 106 - BETA! (2007-08-29)
New Features:
  • because some trouble with the new video-playback function: you can switch between old and new video playback function with the "Use DirectShow-Wrapper" setting
  • TS with multiple services are supported, use the pid-filter and deselect the PIDs of the other services
Fixed items:
  • small bugfix in PID-filter (audio tracks)
  • TSreader.System.NullReferenceException - TSreader.FindAllPIDs()
  • System.IndexOutOfRangeException - TransportPacket.PES.ctor()
  • System.IO.EndOfStreamException (first video PTS bigger than the last)
  • pid-filter: PIDs are filtered during reading input TS and no more during writing output file
  • PCR: added processing of "Adaptation_field only, no payload"
  • small bugfix in "Continuity Counter"

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Version 105 - BETA! (2007-08-12)
  • small bugifx in TS export function
  • PID filter added
  • TS-Files can be merged
  • Video-Playback now over DX9-DLL

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Version 104 - BETA! (2007-07-31)
  • new intern TS processing
  • fixed: audio synchronize problem on cut points
  • more options in settings-menu
  • several audio tracks are supported

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Version 102 - BETA! (2007-03-22)
  • 'Continuity Counter' field will be recalculated
  • in some cases the config file ('setting.xml') was saved in a wrong directory
  • add new seek buttons
  • add config menu
  • try to find a PAT and a PMT packet and write as first packets in the exported ts (e.g. 'xport' commandline tool should work, now)
  • add preview modus for cutpoints

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Version 101 - BETA! (2007-03-11)
  • PCR calculation changed
  • add config file (Setting.xml)
  • now cutout points are IDR-Frames, too
  • bug fix: cutpoint on position null

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Version 100 - BETA! (2007-02-28)
Bekannte Fehler/Einschränkungen sind:
  • bleibt manchmal noch beim suchen der Schnittpunkte hängen (deshalb vor dem drücken auf Cut am besten das Projekt speichern!).
  • im Moment wird nur der PTS/DTS der ersten Tonspur (StreamID = 0xBD) neu berechnet

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